Vietnamese Film Festivals to open in the US

(VOV) - Vietnamese International Film Festivals featuring iconic directors Dustin Nguyen and Bebe Pham along with a star studded guest list of Vietnam’s finest screen actors and producers will open across the US this July.

Directors Dustin Nguyen and Bebe Pham will kick off the extravaganza in Honolulu on July 5 along with superstars Quach Ngoc Ngoan and Chi Bao and famed producers Le Minh Tam, Dam Vinh Hung and Ha Thuc Van.

"The festivals provide a rare opportunity for American audiences to get a first hand glimpse of the richness of the contemporary Vietnam film industry," said Ms Jeanette Hereniko, founding director of the Hawaii International Film Festival.

The films selected are works that best reflect the history, culture, country and people of Vietnam to showcase the vibrant natural heritage of the nation and untapped potential of the film industry in the country.

Festivals, organized by the Vietnam Cinema Department in collaboration with various US entities, will also open in Washington DC and New York on various dates throughout the following two weeks.

The six films include Trung So (Lottery win), Nhung dua con cua lang (The Children of the Village), Khat vong Thang Long (Thang Long Inspiration), Hiep si mu (Blind Knight), and Scandal: Bi mat tham do (Scandal).

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