Voters’ opinions heard at National Assembly

As many as 3,729 opinions and proposals from members of the public were collected and will be presented during the eighth session of the National Assembly that commenced on October 20.

The opinions cover a range of issues, including living standards; business, production and market management; agriculture, farming and rural areas; transport; education and training; the prevention of and fight against corruption and misspending; and the protection and management of natural resources and the environment. 

Many expressed their concern over the shortcomings of the fight against corruption, including inefficient prevention measures, limited detection of corruption and ineffective recovery of corruptly-obtained assets. 

They proposed the NA and Government strengthen supervision and monitoring of corruption cases and launch a more effective fight against corruption. 

Meanwhile, they also called for more financial prudence, especially with regards to the use of the State budget and construction investments, as well as the restructuring of State-owned enterprises. 

Voters worried about the country’s unsustainable economic development, including a slow rise in purchasing power, poor quality of growth, low productivity, and high poverty and unemployment rates. 

At the same time, the East Sea issue still drew attention from voters who wish for stronger communication efforts to raise public awareness on the issue, as well as more support for fishermen who are joining hands in safeguarding the nation’s sovereign waters. 

Voters also spoke highly of the outcomes of the NA’s seventh session, during which many laws, resolutions and important issues were discussed and approved. 

They lauded the efforts of the Government to improve socio-economic conditions, build a transparent and effective administration system, develop a fair business environment, ensure social safety and welfare, and safeguard the country’s sovereignty.

Voters also praised the success of the Vietnam Fatherland Front’s 13th Congress, while voicing their support for the front’s activities.

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