FPT, Fujitsu launch ‘smart' agriculture

FPT and Fujitsu have announced the official completion of their FPT-Fujitsu Akisai Farm and Vegetable Factory project, which applies cloud computing technology to develop a smart agricultural model in Vietnam.

This is the initial step within a framework of co-operative projects in smart agriculture signed by the two corporations at the end of 2014. The project is also the first time an information technology solution in agriculture from Japan has been applied in Vietnam.

With an area of over 400 sq.m in Gia Lam district on the outskirts of Hanoi, the project will introduce new business models from Fujitsu and the application of its modern technology, knowledge, and experience in Vietnam's agricultural sector.

There are two models involved, a greenhouse and a vegetable area, conducting trials on introducing high-value vegetables. Information and images about the environment and the growing area are monitored and managed not only in Vietnam but also in Japan, through online information technology systems.

A representative from FPT told VET that the group and Fujitsu will use the project as a location to promote smart agriculture co-creation activities, involving the Vietnamese government and companies from a variety of industries, and to contribute to the further development of Vietnam's agriculture sector.

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