FrieslandCampina inaugurates sustainable dairy zone in Ha Nam

(VOV) - FrieslandCampina Vietnam (FCV) officially held an inauguration ceremony for a sustainable dairy zone in Moc Bac commune, Duy Tien district in the northern province of Ha Nam on June 24. 

It marks an important milestone in the cooperative project between Ha Nam provincial authorities and the Netherlands Government to develop Vietnam’s dairy sector in a sustainable manner.

The new dairy zone is being developed as part of a larger public-private-partnership project initiated in the province. The project aims to establish specialised dairy zones for family farms that can contribute to food security while creating jobs and reducing milk imports.

The project includes the development of three dairy zones in Vietnam. Each dairy zone will have at least 50 dairy farms producing about seven million kilograms of fresh milk a year, when operational. The project implementation is also expected to generate 345 jobs.

As the main partner in the project, FCV will manage, control and execute the project and provide direct investment.

It will open 3 specialised dairy zones in Vietnam, including 2 dairy farms per zone on a pilot basis. FrieslandCampina will also provide financial support in the form of granting preferential loans to farmers as well as technical training and advice on how to produce hygienic and quality milk at competitive prices

Addressing the event, Tran Quoc Huan, FCV deputy general director underscored the need to develop material zones, establish partnership with farmers and help them get access to modern techniques, loans and markets. He believed that this is a solution for sustainable development in Vietnam’s rural areas.