Unique alleys in Hanoi capital city

(VOV) - The capital city of Hanoi houses a large number of narrow alleys, mostly in the Old Quarter. Some alleys are wide enough for only one or two persons or a motorcyclist to pass through. 

Most alleys are in the Old Quarter, including bustling merchant streets like Hang Bac, Hang Buom, Hang Dao and Hang Duong
Local traders use these alleys to display costumes for sales, making the alley narrower
The alleys here are small, long and dark. Sometimes bulbs are on around the clock
They are the living places of many locals and they do not want to leave for new places
This alley is so narrow that it is only wide enough for a motorcyclist to travel through
Mr Dat has been living on 44 Nguyen Sieu street, part of an alley under the former French colonialism, for several decades
Households extend their houses to every inch of the alley, making it smaller and smaller
For a larger alley, households use every open space for cooking and washing
Part of this passageway on Hang Ngang street is used for selling fashionable clothing
This passageway on Hang Ngang street is just 60cm wide
The common alley is rarely tidied up
Despite narrow and dark alleys, many people do not want to flee their homes
They say it is easier to earn a living in the Old Quarter than anywhere else in the city