Ideal islands for adventurous visitors

(VOV) - Islands like Thanh An, Robinson, Ho Nua, Ky Co are predicted to be attractive destinations for adventurous visitors owing to their pristine and peaceful beauty.

Thanh An island, around 70km from HCM City, with the tranquility of a fishing village near the city.

Hon Nua, located at the foot of Ca Pass with giant cliffs.

A beautiful beach on Robinson island in Cam Ranh bay still preserves primeval features.

Ky Co, about 25km from Quy Nhon City has its two-coloured sea water- turquoise onshore and deep blue offshore.

Phu Quy, around 120km from Phan Thiet City possesses blue seawater, white sand, large rocks in different shapes, corals and a diverse fauna.

Hai Tac is a small island, around 28km from Ha Tien beach and 40km from Phu Quoc is spotted for good seafood.

Hon Son, nearly 70km from Rach Gia city of Kien Giang province, still retains the peaceful lifestyle of local fishermen with Bang Beach and Ma Thien Lanh considered as interesting destinations.

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