FAO pledges to work with Vietnam on poverty reduction

As an inter-governmental organisation, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO) is willing to offer technical and financial support for Vietnam in its efforts to eradicate poverty.

Jong-ha Bae, FAO chief representative in Vietnam, spoke about the support in a recent interview with Vietnam News Agency for the 35th World Food Day and the FAO’s 70th founding anniversary.

Since 1978, FAO has been active in Vietnam and worked with the Vietnamese Government on agricultural and rural development, he said, adding that the UN organisation is willing to support the Southeast Asian country with policies, policy dialogues and other relevant assistance.

The FAO official hailed Vietnam’s recent achievements in poverty reduction, which were internationally recognised.

However, more needs to be done to improve the situation, especially in remote areas and for women, children and ethnic minority people, he said.

The Government has exerted substantial efforts in poverty and hunger eradication, he said, adding that UN agencies, including the FAO, will help Vietnam address the issue.

He pointed to the establishment of a sustainable development foundation on food security and nutrition for children in Vietnam, which will be expanded in the future.

Jong-ha Bae noted that while Vietnam has made headway in rice export and food security is not a problem in terms of quantity, farmers’ living standards are not high.

He added that despite substantial achievements of the five-year national programme on rural modernisation, Vietnam should re-evaluate the programme and re-think about how to promote rural devleopment.

As the Government’s resources are limited, the country should follow the motto of greater effectiveness with smaller resources, he said.