Gov’t tightens labour export to the RoK

(VOV) -Vietnamese guest workers are required to make a collateral deposit before leaving to work in the Republic of Korea (RoK).

The Prime Minister recently approved a pilot programme requiring selected workers under the RoK’s employment permit system (EPS) to deposit VND100 million (nearly US$5,000) prior to their departure.

The deposit will be refundable if the workers legally carry out the contract and return to Vietnam on schedule.

The programme, starting on August 21, 2013, shows the Vietnamese government’s determination to stop its guest workers terminating, residing and working illegally in the RoK.

Vietnam and the RoK signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on labour export in 2004 under the employment permit system (EPS) programme. Since then, about 73,000 Vietnamese guest workers have been employed in the RoK.

However, many of them have broken their labour contracts to reside and work illegally in the RoK. For this reason, the RoK has temporarily suspended its EPS programme with Vietnam, affecting more than 12,000 eligible candidates who have passed Korean language tests.