Illegal Lao loggers caught in Nghe An

VOV.VN -Forest rangers in Que Phong district, Nghe An province, in coordination with the Hanh Dich border guards and the forest management board of Pu Hoat Nature Reserve, caught a group of illegal Lao loggers on March 28.

At the scene

(Photo: Thuong Thiet/Bao Nghe An)

Based on preliminary reports, at 12:15, the patrol team caught red-handed two Lao nationals who were cutting down a sa mu tree (Cunninghamia lanceolata or China-fir) in forest zone 370-371.
 Illegal Lao loggers are caught at the scene ((Photo: Thuong Thiet/Bao Nghe An)

The suspects were identified as Vu Ba Po, 17, and Vu Ba Do, 16, residing in Houaphanh province, Laos.

Local border guards are finalizing the legal procedures to charge the illegal loggers.

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