Major overpass opens to traffic in Danang

A three-level overpass, costing US$93 million to build, was inaugurated on March 29 in the central city of Danang.

Located on the National Highway 1A at the gateway to Danang, Nga ba Hue Overpass is expected to ease traffic congestion and reduce accidents there.

Nga ba Hue, or Hue T-junction, receives more than 15,000 car arrivals and hundreds of thousands of motorbike arrivals every day. It is considered an accident-prone spot in the city.

Trung Nam Group, the investor, said the overpass’s design was inspired by the shapes of linga and yoni - symbols of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. It took 18 months to build the overpass, he added.

Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang said at the inauguration ceremony that this is not only a construction contributing to Danang City’s development but also a major part of the national highway upgrade plan.

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