New project to promote use of green batteries

All people in the country are being offered a chance to exchange their old batteries with green batteries at no additional cost.

Meanwhile, about 1,000 students nationwide are expected to participate in an eco-learning programme next year. 

These activities are part of a strategic partnership agreement on environment protection that was signed this morning between the Vietnam Environmental Administration and Panasonic Vietnam. 

Under the agreement, the two sides will collaborate on a series of joint activities such as a tree-planting programme, eco-learning programme and a green battery exchange campaign. 

The students will be taught interactive lessons, with topics ranging from climate change, biodiversity and energy to green technology. 

The signing ceremony was held in Hanoi (Photo:VNA)

The company has committed to co-operate with local authorities in rolling out a green battery exchange campaign to promote the use of eco-friendly products in Vietnam. People can exchange their old batteries with these green batteries, manufactured by the company. The green batteries do not contain any hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. 

Director of the company Masahiro Yamamoto said through the green battery exchange campaign, the local community was expected to become more aware of how to protect the environment by making positive behavioural changes. 

Speaking at the signing ceremony, head of the administration Nguyen Van Tai said the company's commitment toward promoting environmental sustainability was warmly welcomed. 

Tai said he hoped the two sides would together lay the right foundation of environment protection in the country.

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