One million people get jobs in one year

(VOV) - One million Vietnamese people enter working age each year, according to the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL).

More than 50.3 million people aged from 15-60 work in different economic sectors and 15 million are regular salary earners, including over 1.7 million working in the foreign direct investment (FDI) sector. Thousands of people are also working abroad under time-limit labour contracts.

The numbers of people working in education, health care, services, industry, construction and the non-State owned economic sectors are on the rise while those working in agriculture, forestry and the State-owned economic sectors are showing a downtrend.

In general, Vietnamese workers are young and able to access advanced science and technology thanks to their improved academic standard and professional. The number of skilled workers reached 42% and around 32% of workers had vocational training.

The quality of labour forces in oil and gas, aviation, electricity, electronics, information technology, post and communications, bridge building, hydroelectricity and machinery assembly is higher than those in other fields.

In recent years, State incentive policies and the national target program on job and vocation training have facilitated job creation with more than 1 million people getting jobs.

However, the impact of financial crisis and global economic downturn as well as national economic difficulties have forced many businesses to declare bankrupt, dissolve and scale down their operations leading to a large unemployment rate.