Vietnam welcomes Samsung investment

(VOV) - Vietnam creates the best possible conditions for Samsung Electronics to expand its investment plan in the country.

Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai assured Lee Kun-hee, visiting Chairman of Samsung Electronics of the Republic of Korea, at a reception in Hanoi on October 13.

He acknowledged the group’s efforts in having managed its first technology complex in Bac Ninh province that has so far attracted 53 more satellite companies investing in Vietnam and employing 50,000 workers.

Since its operation four years ago, the project has now churned out 11 million products per month and is employing 24,000 workers. It aims to earn more than US$10 billion from exports this year.

Hai welcomed Samsung Electronics’ plan to expand its operation in Vietnam, saying it testifies to the government’s policy of attracting foreign investment in the high technology industry and creating high economic values.

He congratulated the RoK group on its successful development in the world market, as well as in Vietnam, considering it vivid evidence of the fruitful cooperation in various areas between Vietnam and the RoK.

For his part, Kim noted that Vietnam is a dynamic and potential market for Samsung Electronics and the group is planning the second technology complex project in the country following the success of the first in Bac Ninh province.