Voters ask for efficient NA supervision

The National Assembly needs to intensify supervision of the implementation of socio-economic tasks, the fight against corruption and the settlement of social problems.

Voters from Ho Chi Minh City’s district 4 made the suggestion at a meeting with State President Truong Tan Sang and other NA deputies on October 10. 

They said they are concerned about severe traffic congestion, healthcare service quality, hospital overcrowding, electricity price hike, a lack of social housing projects, and ongoing corruption.

President Sang agreed that a sufficient pool of Party and State policies and guidance does not allow good implementation and supervision in many fields. 

Regarding the construction of social housing, improvement of healthcare services and power price hike, President Sang made it clear that as public investment is limited the city should encourage other economic sectors to lend a helping hand. 

In the fight against corruption, he suggested the administration provide transparent information for people so that they can take a greater part in monitoring the situation.

Before the meeting, President Sang and other deputies heard a report on the city’s settlement of denunciations and petitions lodged by local people.