Image: VOV leaders visit HQs in resistance war

(VOV) -A delegation from Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV), led by its General Director Nguyen Dang Tien, has visited Tram cave in Phung Chau commune, Chuong My district, Hanoi, The cave served as the headquarters of VOV in the initial period of the resistance war against the French (December 1946 to March 4, 1947).

VOV Gereral Director Nguyen Dang Tien and staff take photos with leaders from Phung Chau Commune People's Committee.

The cave is considered an important historical landmark for the country in general and VOV in particular.

They planted a stele at Tram cave. This was part of activities to celebrate VOV’s 70th anniversary on Sept 7.

The VOV General Director sits next to the cement pedestal in Tram Cave where the sound generator of VOV was put after being evacuated from Hanoi.

The delegation visits Long Tien cave

It was here in 1947 that President Ho Chi Minh read a new year poem to Vietnamese people and soldiers via VOV.

The VOV General Director presents a speaker system worth VND300 million to Phung Chau Commune People's Committee.