Tour to Dam Thuy commune, Cao Bang province

VOV.VN - The Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geopark in Cao Bang province, recognized by UNESCO as a global geopark, covers Trung Khanh and Quang Uyen district.

Kayaking on Quay Son river (Photo:

On the path to the Ban Gioc waterfall in Dam Thuy commune, we are enticed by an ancient stilt house in the middle of a vast field overlooking the Quay Son river, whose emerald water is dotted with kayaks. A 9-step stair leads to the front door, from which we have a panoramic view of trees and river.

The house’s owner, Hoang Van Chung, is a pioneer in developing homestay services in this village. He introduces visitors to farming tools, traditional handicraft products, and costumes of the local Tay ethnic minority people displayed inside his house, which is named “Quay Son”.

Chung said, “Quay Son Homestay accommodates domestic and foreign travelers, who have given us positive feedback on the stunning landscape and our homestay model in which traditional customs are still practiced. They loved their experience here.”

It’s been two years since Chung began his homestay service. He often receives reservations in advance, mostly for the New Year festival and other major holidays. His services include meals, camp fires, and a taste of planting and harvesting vegetables.

Mr. Chung mentioned some additional activities: “I offer visitors kayaking, biking, and hiking. I also take them to ethnic handicraft villages where they can get deeper inside the culture of ethnic people living in Cao Bang province.”

Luu Thi Nga from Hanoi is a new-comer to Cao Bang province. Nga talked to us about her homestay experience: “This is the first time I’ve kayaked. It’s awesome.”

Phat Tich pagoda in Dam Thuy commune (Photo:

Visitors can visit nearby attractions like Ban Viet lake, the Cao Vit gibbon conservation area, Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave, and villages where the Tay and Nung ethnic people still preserve their traditional stilt house architecture, cuisine, and folk culture.

Trung Khanh authorities are working on tourism plans and calling for business investment in diversified tourism products.

Dam Van Vu, Vice Chairman of Trung Khanh district’s People’s Committee, said, “In recent years, when we began to implement Trung Khanh’s development plan, we started expanding community tourism services. We have trained locals as cooks, tour guides, and leaders of other community-based activities.”

The tourism sector in Trung Khanh district gives priority to eco-tourism, experience-based tourism, and adventure tours.